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ZEBRA Pole Dance Studio - a place of happy, motivated, successful people! We are all different in nature, outwardly, by profession. However, in Zebra, we meet and become one, a great sports family. Everyone here finds His Freedom, His Will and His Achievements. Everyone here realizes the hidden possibilities, working on his own body. Here lives Harmony and Inspiration. Our friendly and skilled team helps to become more fragile, stronger, more ductile and self-confident. We are a team of fans of our business! For us, there are no combinations of words "I can not" and "I will not get anything". We are infected with love to poland, and with pleasure we share this pleasing (to the ant skin!) Feeling with you. We teach you to stay on the pylon with one touch, easily dance and perform acrobatic elements above the ground.

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Дмитрий Гаус

Спасибо зебре за крутой танец от жены с Вашими занятиями она делает крутые вещи на пилоне
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Михаил Савченко

Лучшая студия в Че
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Юлия Djuls Mазенко

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ZEBRA Pole Dance Studio

ZEBRA Pole Dance Studio запрошує Вас на тренування!!! ZEBRA ❤ you
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Eduard Balyura

Собираюсь отправить жену! Очень удобно, она танцует, а я в бар)
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Сергей Валериевич

Лучшая школа Pole Dance в Черкассах, всем советую!
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Next to ZEBRA pole dance studio (Priportova St., 42/1,)

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