Vyshen'ka Ln, 27

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To date, "Vyshenskoe" lake is still not the official city beach. Not far from the beach there is a rescue station. Equipped with a tower from which you can see everything that happens on the beach. This summer, “Vishinsky” lake became one of the main organizations of “tusovka” of local youth. The only sunbeds, lifeguard tower, new horizontal bars, changing rooms and a bio toilet appeared on the beach.

The chip of Lake Vyshensky is an incredibly wide range of various water attractions, which are not limited to renting a catamaran or a boat. For example, for those who like to tickle your nerves, there is a unique wakepark here. This institution is the only platform in the city of this format. This is where you can learn, or practice extreme wakeboarding. It combines such disciplines as surfing and water slalom.

Near the beach there is a playground, trampoline, aero hockey and many other entertainment for children. On the beach there are several shops and one cafeteria. The beach has two significant drawbacks. Firstly, there are no mushrooms at all here, so in order to hide from the sun you will either have to look for a place under the trees, or bring an umbrella with you. Secondly, the zone in which the bottom was cleared for a safe swim is very small, and a plug can form in the water on a very hot day.

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Mangus Shoes

Море адреналіну та випитої води з озера) Немає досвіду для порівняння 5!
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Виктор Цендра

Wakeboard - это нечто! Крутяк, кайф, драйв. Команда - молодцы, помогают, поддерживают, наставляют и т.п. Да и все те, кто приходят кататься - отличные ребята и девченки! Катаются даже детки, причем, зачастую, лучше чем взрослые. Еще для деток есть бассейн с чистой водой. Единственный минус, это цена, но она не испортит пятёрочку!)
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Ольга Гончарук

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Михайло Парпальос

Все супер. Рекомендую відвідати.
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Misha Levchuk

Крута каталка для вейка)))) І головне класна компанія людей які тут є і комюніті))))
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Алексей Морозов

Отличное место для тренировок и отдыха
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Maksym Pushkar

Гарне місце для відпочинку, засмаги. Для плавання неприйнятне.
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