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«Princess Ballet Studio» - is a unique children's ballet studio for real princesses age from 3 to 15 years. The idea of ​​creating a studio owned by a qualified choreographer with a unique experience in the US and Ukrainian dance schools, Julia Voytinoy. On the basis of knowledge, its original concept of learning for children was developed. The main purpose of children's ballet studio «Princess Ballet Studio» puts not only the development of the creative potential of each individual child, but not least, focuses on disclosures artistic vision, the ability to interact with a partner, relaxed present themselves on stage. In the studio, in addition to the basic dance skills, children acquire the skills to communicate with their peers, make friends who have a similar range of interests. Children's ballet studio «Princess Ballet Studio» with care and attention to their concerns vospitannitsam, as well as to the parents that clearly demonstrate the conditions in which classes are held. Modern, comfortable rooms and a spacious dressing room - an integral part of the image of children's studio.

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Next to Studio «Princess Ballet Studio» near the metro station "Science"

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