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The aims and objectives of the sports club KhNURE "Radio Engineering" (IC "Radio Engineering") are: health promotion students; Further mass their involvement in systematic sports; identify the strongest athletes for acquisition teams, groups, courses, faculties; propaganda and popularization of sport and its introduction in the everyday life of young people; education moral and volitional qualities; teaching students organizing mass sports work and refereeing sports; combating negative phenomena among youth.

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Next to Sport Club «Radiotekhnik» on KNURE

Sport Club

KNURE Arm Wrestling Club

6 m. 14, Nauky Ave., Kharkiv

(050) 938-14-94

Sport Club

Diving club «Za Daivinh!»

158 m. Serpova St, 4

(050) 635-74-66

Sport school

School hustle "Together"

169 m. Nauky Ave, 50

(050) 142-38-29

Sport Club

Fitness studio «Diamond Fit»

176 m. Serpova St, 4

(097) 007-00-18

Sport school

Academy Capoeira "Dende" metro "scientific"

176 m. Serpova St, 4

(063) 618-44-27

Sport Club

Fitness club "Malibu" at the Scientific

181 m. Serpova St, 4А

(057) 761-77-72

Sports complex

Sports and recreation complex "GELFER"

245 m. Bakulina St, 13A

(067) 579-79-08

Sport school

Capoeira Academy "Dende" on the metro station "Nauchnaya"

246 m. Bakulina St, 13А

(097) 736-25-82

Sport Club

Fitness center "Metalist" on Nauky

249 m. Nauky Ave, 9

(057) 737-16-86

Sport Club

Gym «XADO» (st. Bakulina)

332 m. Bakulina St, 4а

(057) 756-52-52