Onore de Balzaka St, 22

About the place

Why Yoga Niketan? Yoga Niketan - the abode of yoga, which combines different styles (Hatha, Nidri, yoga therapy, Slavic yoga, meditation and psychological practice). Not a religious system, but rather - an ancient science developed and systematized by modern medicine.

Positive effect on physical and psychological state. It provides rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

Is one of the effective ways of coping with stress and chronic fatigue. Gives a feeling of happiness and peace of mind.

Properly selected complexes for each group member. Consisting of: respiratory practices, basic asanas, yohaterapevticheskoho complex special psychological and meditative practices.

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Next to Yoga Studio "NiKETAN"

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Children's football club "Troyeshchyna"

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