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February 1, 2014 there were changes in the leadership of the American Football Federation of Ukraine - new people appeared. The teams expressed full confidence and had high hopes.

But it was not there. In the world of American football in Ukraine, changes have occurred more often for the worse. Everything continued to rest on the initiative and the means of the teams: holding games, seminars, training camps, finding partners and sponsors.

The National Federation of American Football of Ukraine did not give anything for development, but rather tried to drive the team into an absurd framework of existence. Inaction, lack of communication with teams, empty promises and mediocre interaction with potential partners and sponsors - all this led to the termination of the existence of the national American football team, the collapse of the refereeing reform, the lack of motivation for the players, and, as a result, the premature ending of the playing career of many talented youths, loss of confidence in players and our many fans.

The functionaries of the teams could not calmly look at everything that was happening. Dissatisfaction from false statements and negative attitudes on the part of the NSAFU employees grew. Teams repeatedly tried to reach the leadership, find a common language and ways to solve the situation.

At the annual reporting conference of the NSAFU, which was held on December 12, 2015, representatives of the Ukrainian teams heard nothing but disrespect, not competence, distortion of information and empty promises. Once again, the teams were ignored.

This was the last straw in the patience of the teams!

Immediately after the end of the conference, a decision was made by the teams of Ukraine to terminate their cooperation with the PFU! Only one team remained in the National Federation of American Football - Vityazi Kiev.

And on January 16, 2016, an all-Ukrainian meeting of American football teams took place. The result of which was the creation of an alternative organization!

Fifteen teams acted as founders, others enter it on the basis of full membership - all teams have equal rights and voting rights.

So the Ukrainian League of American Football appeared!

Our goal is to popularize American football in Ukraine, improve the nation, promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as improve the rating of our country in the international arena.

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