Drahomanova St, 17

About the place

Combat Ju-dzhitcu (combat ju-jutsu) - is primarily the art of self-defense and survival, not just a sport or a set of techniques yakih!

This whole ancient martial art professional military!

This set of skills and abilities that allow you to survive and win one or more opponents in a deadly battle!

Today Combat Ju-Jitsu and police use spetspryznachentsi leading countries of the world!

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Next to Sports club "Urahan"

Sport Club

Fitness Center "Nova Budova"

1,08 km. Kniaziv Koriatovychiv St, 25

(098) 003-33-00

Sport section

Mixed Martial Arts Section (MMA) on Hrushevskoho

1,14 km. Mykhaila Hrushevskoho Ave, 31

(067) 380-91-32

Sport Club


1,80 km. 11 Panivitsky st., Kamianets-Podilskyi

(096) 403-84-94

Sport school

Sports club "Evrika"

1,80 km. Panivetska St, 11

(096) 403-84-94

Sport school

Sports School "Starttennis" on Lesi Ukrainky

2,17 km. Lesi Ukrainky St, 84

(044) 490-19-00

Sport Club


2,83 km. 8, st. Razvadovsky Kamenets-Podilsky

(097) 685-17-11

Sport school

Sports club "Sparta"

2,83 km. Rozvadovskoho St, 8

(097) 685-17-11