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The trainers of our school Shotokan Karate are masters of sports of Ukraine of international class, with international Japanese certification and many years of experience in training athletes.
Students of the Sentai Sports Club Shotokan Karate are champions of various open championships in Kiev and Ukraine, both in kata and kumite.

The purpose of training at the Sentai Sports Club Shotokan Karate-Do is to:
- to improve the results of young athletes, a gradual load with its subsequent visit and a positive mood;
- harmonious physical development, flexibility, mobility;
- training in self-control and moral values;
- enhances immunity, improving attention, memory, the development of logical and imaginative thinking;
- the formation of personality, increasing self-esteem, confidence;

It is scientifically proven that a child must be given to the Shotokan Karate section from an early age (from 4 years old). All parents want only good for their boy or girl, and to strengthen immunity, muscle growth - forced to actively move. All these points contribute to improving flexibility and coordination, which naturally perfectly affects the future fate of the young athlete.

- with bronchial asthma;
- with attention deficit;
- with problems with interpersonal skills;
- with a deterioration in immunity;

In turn, it is important to consider several rules when choosing a section:
- Take into account without fail the desire of the child himself to engage in this type of art. If your child does not show interest in martial arts, it is completely useless to force him. If desire is still present, then by studying the behavior and character of the child, one can determine his degree of education;
- soberly assess the physical capabilities of your child;
- weigh their material capabilities;
Sentai Sports Club Shotokan Karate-Do offers to get acquainted with the training process in the first training session. To evaluate the whole important moment in the formation of new qualities of your child, all boys and girls are engaged in the same age group.

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Мощный тренерский состав в клубе! ????
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Powerful coaching staff in the club! ????
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Потужний тренерський склад в клубі! ????
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Спортивный клуб Сентай

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