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"Federation of martial arts (FBYE) - the most famous karate organization in western Ukraine, which unites around itself experienced masters of martial arts. Through their labor federation athletes glorify Lviv region throughout Ukraine and abroad for competitions and workshops at different levels.

FBYE - a public organization whose main objective: promote healthy and harmoniously developed personality, able to fight with the difficulties of the future lives.

In FBYE sections and there are many different styles of martial arts Boev. Each student can choose the classes that most fully reveal his abilities and preferences. There are clubs that are engaged in sports karate WKF direction, their athletes perform at all levels of competition including the Olympic Games. For those who want to focus on the applied aspect of martial arts melee exist where applicable not only striking, but throwing techniques. Fans of more types of contact fighting may begin to deal with a relatively new kind of martial arts - karate kosiki and have traditional kickboxing and boxing. But for the vast majority of children who come to us, we chose Shotokan Karate-do, which is the most massive in the world.

During the existence FBYE number of children and adults who have certain skills and self pupils achieved the highest levels (1 - 3) kyu exceeded 700 people. Workshops degree (1 - 3 Dana) have more than 100 people. Our best athletes become world champions, winners of the World Cup and Europe each year dozens of children and adults become champions of Ukraine and various international tournaments in Ukraine and abroad.

World practice shows that people who have achieved some success in karate, and in everyday life can find their way confidently and become leaders in their chosen cause.

Any child of school age can be absolutely confident that when conscientious attitude to training, for 5 - 6 years, it will get higher student rate (1 - 3) kyu, and in fulfillment of '16 will deliver to black belt and become a master of martial arts . "

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