Heroiv UPA St, 72

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Sport Life Heroes UPA - the largest full-length fitness club in the central area of ​​the city. Everything you love on the same site, 2 squash courts, a spacious aqua zone and SPA-center. The club is located in the Business Center "Technopark". When the club runs the hotel.

The two professional squash courts. Adult swimming pool - with the most advanced water purification system pyatyurovnevoy: 25 x 12.6 meters. 12-meter pool for children. Kardioteatr, Weightstack trainers, free weights, premium-seating room and military applications. Energy bar. 3 Studio: saykl studio group and dance programs.

Educational and training programs, dancing, swimming, children's fitness, training class. Swimming pool. Bath Lounge: Russian bath, Finnish sauna and Roman bath. 2 massage rooms. Lounge area. Beauty salon. Solarium.

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