Heroiv 93-i Bryhady street, 18A

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Maximus Sports Club - Sports, fitness, health clubs, school dances, group lessons.

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Sport section

Karate club IPPON School

392 m. 13A Heroes Street of the 93rd Brigade

(066) 399-80-52

Sport Club

Karate Club IPPON on Novgorodskaya

451 m. 14А Novgorodskaya st

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Sports club «Mandrill»

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Fitness Center "Three Bogatyrya"

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Karate Club Concordia

526 m. 4А, Novgorod St, Zaporozhye

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Women's fitness club «Orange Fitness» on Baburka

573 m. Novhorods'ka St, 4А

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Kyokushin Karate Club "Borisfen" on Baburka

966 m. Svitla St, 16А

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Sports club «Shark» in Hortitsky area

966 m. Svitla St, 16А

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Sport school

Zaporizhzhya gymnasium №45

1,12 km. 30A Jubilee Ave, Zaporozhye

(099) 090-72-93

Sport school

Coach №7 city of Zaporozhye

1,20 km. Yuvileinyi Ave, 30А

(061) 241-31-41