Naukova Street, 25

About the place

Karate Club "Arey" was founded in 1999 m. Lviv in the form of regional public organization.

Currently in sections of the club trained over 60 athletes. The main style of karate that is taught in the club - Shotokan, founded by prominent Japanese master Hichinom Funakoshi.

The main sports area - version WKF. Club "Arey" a member of the Ukrainian Federation of Karate (UFC, President S. Levchuk, m. Kyiv).

In the club brought up more than 20 winners and winners of championships and championships Ukraine, major international tournaments in karate.

Pupils Club are part of the national team of Ukraine.

Athletes club since 6 years, annually take part in the prestigious tournament held in Ukraine and in foreign countries.

Division Street club is based Scientific school №45.

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