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About the place

Fitness club "Champion" began its activities on August 19, 2012. Every year for us is the development, improvement and pursuit of the main goals of our priceless clients: health, beauty and harmony of soul and body. We are happy when our customers are happy, therefore the professionalism of the staff and the satisfaction of the visitor’s desires are our constant and most important rule. Our goal is to instill a love of fitness and an active lifestyle in women and children of all ages and worldviews, as well as to introduce sports and self-habit.

The client is our treasure!
Always an individual approach and respect! We will help you choose a personalized schedule and direction of training. The task of every employee of Championka fitness club is not only to listen, but also to hear what every woman wants. Your result is our motivation and incentive.

We are always improving!
We strive for continuous development and growth. Our team of trainers attends master classes of world-famous instructors, trainings and seminars. Modern fitness is developing rapidly, so the task of our team is continuous learning and development.

With us it is convenient, profitable, useful!
FC Championka offers a convenient schedule of classes and their diversity, as well as the optimal cost of both a subscription and a one-time visit to the club. Our activities are aimed at improving the physical and emotional state of clients. We strive for women to have the opportunity not only physical activity, but also an interesting communication and expansion of the circle of friends and like-minded people.


More than 20 fitness programs for approved schemes

Children's fitness areas from 1.6 to 14 - not only for girls!

We have no repetitive workouts! You will not get bored with us

Fitness during pregnancy and postpartum recovery

Weight loss program "Slim Marathon" and "Twine Marathon"

Convenient location of the club

Always keep up with the times and follow new trends.

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Джон Брок

Отличный зал.
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Сергей Каржавин

Много места дешево
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Олег и Никита Т.

Достаточно просторный зал, приличное количество не новых но в нормальном состоянии тренажоров, профессиональный тренерский состав.
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Максим Kо

Хорошее место. Толковые тренера
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Ветал Лукашевич

Дуже крутий спортзал, всім рекомендую!
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Віталій Копиш

Приємний зал, великий і світлий, багато тренажерів, помірні ціни, привітний персонал. Щоправда, деякі тренажери виглядають зношеними. Не вистачає бігової доріжки. Хотілося б більш простору роздягальню.
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Aleksandr Gula

Отличный персонал!!! Шикарный зал и атмосфера для достижения результата.
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Phoenix Design

The best
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