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About the place

We invite you to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga with us and our teachers and Vladimir Tkachenko Pavel Fedorchenko, who are the heirs of the founding traditions direction Sidortsova Sergey and Alexander Taisheva in parampari great Indian Yoga Master Sri Devrahaya Babaji.

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Next to Yoga school "Yoga sattva"

Sports federation

Chernihiv Regional Federation of Kickboxing in Kotsyubinskogo

251 m. Kotsyubyns'koho St, 49а

(093) 740-01-75

Sport Club

Wing Chun. Kung Fu

251 m. Kotsyubyns'koho St, 49

(099) 772-77-34

Sport school

ODYUSSH "Colossus" (Chernihiv)

255 m. Rynkova St, 9

(046) 224-03-95

Sport Club

Table Tennis Club "SPIN"

259 m. Kotsyubyns'koho St, 49

(093) 055-64-03

Sport Club

Sports club "Octant"

261 m. Kotsiubynskoho St, 49A

(093) 086-45-38

Sports federation

Chernihiv Regional Federation of Kickboxing for magistrates

362 m. Mahistrats'ka St, 5а

(093) 740-01-75

Sport Club

Fitness club "Kislorod"

366 m. Myru Ave, 32

(063) 294-19-00

Sport Club

Network of fitness clubs "X-Line sport" (2nd hall)

411 m. Myru Ave, 20

(093) 153-56-86


Square them. Nikolay Popudrenko

416 m. Shevchenka Street, 5

Sport Club

Fitness center "Level up"

441 m.

(099) 308-09-00