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School for Young paratrooper - pre-school establishments military and patriotic work.

At school there are groups of general physical training, the original military-applied training and specialized training centers that are taught are sports and martial arts, as judo and sambo, military sports around, Horting (national type of wrestling), "Wing Chun" Kung fu (self), and students learning and skills of tourism and military-applied nature.

The objective of the organization: improve health, improve mental and physical performance, forming collectivist traits; mastery of knowledge and skills of elementary military training, the formation of stable interest in military service and regular sports activities; forming military-applied skills necessary to serve in military units, military guidance youth achieve high sports results.

In SHYUD engaged about 200 pupils. By GEI studies involved children, colleges, high schools, vocational schools and higher education institutions. Admission is SHYUD in children 7 years of age.

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