About the place

"Do it Studio" - a unique combination of dance and fitness in one place. We are in Arcadia, Odessa.

We have many types of dance, yoga and group classes of different levels.

Dancing and Yoga are designed for children and adults.

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Next to School studio dance and fitness "Do it Studio"

Sports yard

Tennis Courts Arcadia Plaza

400 m. Посмітного St, 1

(066) 578-33-26

Sports yard

TRX Box Bar Workout

410 m. Health Track, Odessa


Pool of the sanatorium "Moldova"

438 m. 2, Posmitnogo St

(048) 796-53-63

Sport Club

Black Sea Academy of Tennis on Posmitnoho

439 m. Posmitnoho St, 2

(050) 345-67-70

Sport Club

Billiard club "Arena"

439 m. Posmitnoho St, 2A

(048) 771-07-41

Sport Club

Aikido club «Khahakue»

508 m. Posmitnoho St, 2A

(050) 654-49-39

Sport Club

Grafit Fitness Club (Arcadia)

527 m. 5 Genoese St

(094) 956-05-00

Sports complex

Fitness Studio "Just Fit" on Henuezka

557 m. Henuezka St, 5

(096) 620-54-84

Sports complex

SportHab "EBSH"

558 m. Henuezka St, 5

(073) 240-00-24

Sport Club

Fitness club «Sport Life» Arcadia

624 m. Henuez'ka St, 36

(048) 735-71-44