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Sattva Yoga School is a family school. The main goal of our activity is the popularization of yoga and other wellness systems. Our job is to share with people our knowledge about how to be healthy and find your own unique path to finding harmony of mind and body.

Sattva Yoga is a specially developed technique for transmitting both external information and the internal essence of practice, based on the classical ancient yoga practices and modern physical therapy methods inherited from Goncharuk Grigory Ivanovich, assistant professor of sports medicine and manual therapy teacher and manual therapy.

The term "sattva" means one of the qualities of consciousness. Thanks to the practice of asanas and the achievement of the unity of the five shells, we come to the state of “sattva” - harmony. When “sattva” prevails in a person, he is calm and calm.

The method of Sattva Yoga consists of:
Shatkarm (purification practices),
Vyayam (joint gymnastics and for internal organs),
Asanas (static exercises both for the development of flexibility and strength, balance and concentration, and for relaxation),
Vinyasa (dynamic ligaments),
Pranayam (breathing practices),
Achievements of clarity of consciousness, concentration.
Particular attention in our school is paid to yoga therapy of the spine, healing of internal organs, general rejuvenation of getting rid of toxins.

Our yoga school was opened in 2003 and is the first and only of its kind. Only in our country classes are conducted by certified specialists (certificates of the International Yoga Alliance and the Kiev Yoga Federation), with medical and pedagogical education and experience in teaching yoga for more than 10 years.

Sattva Yoga School managed to gain wide popularity among Odessa residents and today is the most authoritative and largest yoga center in Odessa.

We regularly conduct group and personal classes in the direction of hatha yoga, which includes such yoga systems as Universal Style, Sattva Yoga, Dhirendra Brahmacharya Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and but a special kind of practice is the Dance of Shiva.

We can do yoga, both adults and children, both healthy and people with certain health problems. We also regularly conduct separate health classes for yoga to normalize the condition of the spine and joints, muscles and tendons, digestive organs, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems.

Arriving to us in Odessa, you can not only study yoga, visiting our classes in different directions, but also relax in the wonderful city of Odessa with a rich and amazing history, chat with interesting people. Every year we travel with seminars to the Crimea and abroad, combining the practice of yoga with relaxation and communication.

By doing yoga with us, you can both heal and grow in the study of ancient and modern practices in a friendly and positive atmosphere.

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