Vyshneva St, 44

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Aikido School "Hykary" - a new stage in the development of Aikido in Kherson. Many in Kherson and other cities drew Aikido self-defense as a system with a wide range of opportunities, with minimal injuries: If the solution to the conflict, in boxing or karate, is to defeat attacking one or more blows, the Aikido is a method to protect themselves without destroying the attack, that use technology deductions, painful receptions and throws; Aikido can effectively defend themselves, anyone, regardless of age, gender, physiological capacity (given the level of training); In Aikido there are no competitions, technique taught in the dosed contacts and fully considering the applied aspect (typing Aikido competitions, it must be as impose restrictions on many of the basic techniques: pain in the fingers, hands, feet, various joints of hands and legs as a result we get another kind of mixed martial arts); Aikido as a martial art offers protection against an armed attacker (with a knife with a stick and sword); Aikido offers protection from several napoddaet prevailing in the physical data. (There is a saying: "One is safety in, Warrior when he rightly tailored"); Aikido - a complete, 8-speed system (includes not only the technical part of self-defense, but also philosophy, laws of nature and etc.). Aikido - this is not a sport, it's a peaceful warrior, long life.

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Next to Aikіdo School "Hikari" on Vyshnevaia

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