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School of Aikido Kiyokan Dojo - officially recognized, a full member of Aikido Renshinkay, Japan, Tokyo, and is its official representative office in Ukraine. Andrew Berezhnaya Sensei (5th Dan) - Head of the School of Aikido Kiyokan Dojo has the highest technical level of Aikido Renshinkay in Ukraine. Andrew Berezhnaya Sensei was certified on the 5th Dan Sensei Tsutomu Chidoy, with the right to take exams in 3rd Dan inclusive. Andrew Berezhnaya Sensei since 1997 held annually trained Aikido in Japan. In the learning process are strictly observed traditions and methodology Renshinkay Aikido school, used Japanese terminology. All this allows to deal not only with the fullest enjoy the atmosphere of the Japanese martial art of Aikido, but also to join the Japanese culture. school activities are not limited to conduct training. Twice a year, the school organizes training seminars in Kiev, which are conducted by leading experts in Japan. Three times a year we organize the exams, the results of which are confirmed by international certificates. Engage in Aikido Renshinkay can you do, it does not matter how old you are, and how you shape! Choose a comfortable room for you and come to us for a free trial lesson.

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Next to School «Aikido Kiyokan Dojo» on Borshchagovka

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Sport Club

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