Prirechnaya street, near the Bay "Camel", Kiev

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We are engaged in the organization and coordination of extreme events, outdoor activities. The main idea and task of the club is to popularize extreme rest and a healthy active lifestyle. Making active holidays popular and accessible to everyone is what we are striving for.

Rest ... As we all expect it! Whether it is home after work, a weekend with friends or a holiday in an exotic country. What about outdoor activities and extreme sports?) You have not tried to relax like that?, Correct this defect)

Extreme is a great opportunity to test your courage and endurance, to feel the power and capabilities of your own body and spirit. Extreme vacation is not only an opportunity to spend the weekend with the risk when adrenaline in the blood goes off scale! This is an opportunity to experience crazy emotions, to receive a charge of cheerfulness, to experience the joy of discovering new horizons!

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#Fox Play

Отличное место поиграл от души.
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Александр Горбань

Хорошее место))
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Victor Alexandrov

Что можно сказать о пейнтбольном клубе Стреляют...
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Danyil Maiorov

Nice place for active leisure
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Настя Ланченко

Очень классно!!)
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Людмила Река

Отличное место! Море впечатлений и эмоций!!! Отдыхаем здесь уже не первый раз, отмечали день рождение, с коллегами устраивали бои)) Активный отдых+природа=хорошее настроение! Всем советую!!!
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Not bad, but too small.
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Мало пулек
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Юрій Костан

Непогане місце відпочинку
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Олексій Рябко

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