Bohdana Lepkoho St, 19Б

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Ivano-Frankivsk specialized youth school of Olympic reserve №1 gymnastics conducts classes on the street. Lepkoho, 19b near school №11. Stanislav nursery school was founded in 1946. The first principal was Anatoly Silvay. The school had its sports facilities. Classes are held in gymnastics in the gym DST "Iskra", where he opened cinema them. Franko (now "Lumiere"). The school consisted of two groups of gymnasts and coaches first school worked P.Horinov, T.Fomina. In 1947, the Department of Education has allocated to sports school school in room number 2 (st. Franko), where the first school principal was appointed Zembytskyy DP In 1955 (1955-1958) was appointed school principal Ter-Ghukasian Anatolia, in the same year under the gym was isolated church on the street. Soviet (independence, there is located hotel "Hope"). The number of groups has increased significantly in the school, coaches worked: Voloshynska VI Sharov V., Kachalova OM curve IG, IG Medvedev, Guzan BV, Leonychev AV Katchalov VI Cherdantseva M. Glow NV Derega YD, RN Hirnyak The first athletes who defended the honor of Stanislav region national competition gymnasts were: I.Ivanova, L.Bayer, M.Murynnyk, T.Dozhdyeva, T.Hordiyenko, T.Radbko, A.Pakulov, O.Dutov, V.Himchenko, K.Vatutin, A.Yurkina, R.Soroka, V.Kulbanska. Gymnasts Stanislav region, speaking at a Republican event always belonged to 10 of the strongest, with 26 regions of Ukraine. In 1958 (1958-2001) was appointed school principal graduate of the Lviv Institute of Physical Culture and Sports Horalchuk Anton Nikolaevich. The church was converted into a gym, gymnastic equipment were purchased, significantly increased the number of training groups. It collects around like-minded coach, Vladimir and Alexander Katchalov, Vladimir Lobodina, Romance miners, Boris Yaskevycha, Michael Debenka, Bogdan Kowal, Yarema Deychakiwsky Orestes Shumeldu, Vladimir Detkevycha, Alexander Kudryashov. Terms of trainers were very complex. Not having its own sports center, almost all of the learning process took place in secondary schools. Thanks to the efforts of Anton Horalchuka yard school number 3 construction began, and in 1964 commissioned a new building with a gym 30 x 15 m. In addition to the school building in 1962, built and started working 50-meter outdoor shooting range for practicing small sports . In 1971, with the help of the parent community, athletes and coaches, builders and local authorities on an individual project was added to the existing modern gymnastic hall facilities, equipped by the time all necessary preparations for the high-class athletes.

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