Sichova Street, 53

About the place

Medical treatment dispensary extensive and modern. It includes physiotherapy room, cabinets laser therapy, singlet-oxygen therapy, salt mine, ozokeritotherapy, spa treatments, massage (manual, mechanical - "Nuga Best"), gym zal.Tut employs careful, qualified medical personnel.

3 meals a day - all fresh, hot and delicious options of diets required - fruits and vegetables for vitamin desktop.

Rooms: standard 2-bed rooms (bathroom and shower room), 2-room suites (refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, shower) .Haryache and cold water around the clock.

All treatment rooms are flexible hours, equipped with the necessary facilities and equipment.

Personnel much experience in the rehabilitation of patients, including those with health problems due to occupational diseases or injuries.

In 2010, the sanatorium was awarded a diploma "National Medical Award" "TOP 100 in Medicine", entered in the registers of the top 100 medical and health institutions of Ukraine.

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