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Shinkendo - a modern martial art, which inspired the 1200-year history and spirit of samurai warrior. Shinkendo has five important aspects fencing: Suburi (mahi) applies taisabaki (body movement), ashisabaki (moving feet), kensabaki (move sword) and tohojushintoho (ten basic sword techniques). Battoho (removal of sword techniques) combined technique goho battoho - a practice sword pulling and investments in five ways. Tanrengata (single form) Suburi used in various forms to study different types of movement of the feet, body twisting hips, circular movements of the central rack body. Tachiuchi (sparring) adds an element of reality and helps two individuals to achieve a sense of harmony and synchronization by controlling the distance, energy, rhythm, strength and speed technology. Tameshigiri (rozrubuvannya practice purposes) rozrubuvannya real targets for practical understanding of principles such as: hasuji (blade angle), tachisuji (Mach angle of the sword) and tenouchi (compressed). Students in Shinkendo divided into seito (ordinary level), deshi (poslidovnik) and kyakubun (second table teachers who would like trenuvatisya). In Shinkendo system dan / kyu level not vikoristovuyetsya. Certification is mainly based on the old system levels zapozicheniy the feudal era. Therefore, the Honorable Dan level is not available.


Pavlo Degtyarev

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