Akademika Hlushkova St, 13B

About the place

Rollerdrom occupies a large area of ​​800 sq.m. - it fits a lot of people, the highlight of this rollerdroma a private skatepark for aggressive riding on skateboards and roller skates.

Indoor skatepark - the first of its kind in Kiev special design for honing skills professionals and amateurs aggressive skateboarding and roller. Specialized coating on rolerdromi perfectly softens blows in case of a fall and was developed specifically for rollerhokkeya.

Rollerdrom in the SEC Marmalade suitable for young skaters and their parents and large companies as well as useful to hone their skills - professionals in the skatepark.


- The presence of experienced instructors (children and adults).

- Comfortable coverage for training - ideal for slalom.

- Quality rental - adults and children Seba videos clips Rollerblade.

- Store rollers and accessories - experienced consultants and lowest prices on roller skates.

- The only indoor skatepark in Kiev for skaters and skateboarders.

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Next to Rollerdrom and skatepark in the shopping center Magellan

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