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If you like to spend time actively, but you want to try something new, you should pay attention to cross-country skiing. This is a wonderful way to increase your health and get a boost of positive mood for the whole day. Rental is located on the territory of Muromets Park (formerly Peoples' Friendship Park), X-Park. In the rental of more than 50 pairs of skis, the equipment includes: sticks, skis, boots. The cost of 100 UAH / hour.

Opening hours: 11-17: 00. A deposit for rental is necessary: ​​right or passport

For corporate applications or public skating, reservations are required by phone: (063) 136-25-85, (044) 229-26-17

And for those who are not familiar with other skis, I’ll open the mountain, we note the main differences:

1. Mountain skiing is used for sports competitions or entertainment on mountain tracks, slopes and virgin snow. Cross-country skis are designed for walking on a flat surface.
2. Alpine skis have more different types and structural features than cross-country ones.
3. Alpine skiing primarily develop reaction speed and sense of balance.
Cross-country skis are designed to train endurance.

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