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The main goal of the PNC "Alexander TsTDtaYu area" is the public's right to obtain adult education and leisure activities for children and youth outside school vremya.vospitanie conscious attitude towards their health and the health of others as the highest social values ​​forming the foundations of a healthy way life trainees, students and listeners, preserve and strengthen the physical and mental health of children and adolescents;

- creating conditions for the full development of children and youth;

- implementation of educational, informational, methodological and organizational work ..

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Next to PNZ "TsTDYu" Alexandrovsky district

Sport Club

Yoga Club «Light of Yoga»

300 m. Dniprovska St, 35

(095) 561-80-62

Sports federation
Sport Club

Club «Bulys-Group» on the Dnieper

300 m. Dniprovska St, 35

(099) 073-21-88

Sport school

PCSS "Dynamo" Zaporozhye

314 m. Hoholya St, 81

(061) 764-38-34

Sport school

Coach "Dynamo"

314 m. Hoholya St, 81

(061) 264-38-34

Sport Club

Badminton Club of ZNU

328 m. Zhukovs'koho St, 66Б

(066) 105-14-22

Sport Club

Sports club "Medved"

527 m. Oleksandrivska St, 8

(061) 764-55-77

Sport Club

Athletic club "Adrenaline" hall №6

587 m. Sobornyi Ave, 53

(061) 707-10-60

Sport Club

Fitness Center "Shanti"

666 m. Sviatoho Mykolaia St, 71/9

(061) 289-80-89

Sport school

School Kung Fu "Yellow Dragon"

687 m. Zhukovs'koho St, 36

(067) 318-98-02