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The Federation of Hand-to-hand Combat of Ukraine categorically condemns events that destabilize the situation in Crimea in the South and East of our State. The Federation considers any calls for separation of Ukraine, separatism, power collisions, provocations and other attacks on the foundations of the National Security of Ukraine to be inadmissible, and encourages members of the organization, trainers, judges, athletes to refrain from participating in events that worsen the already difficult situation in Ukraine.

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Sport Club

Yoga Space in Irpen Studio

8-ho Bereznya St

(093) 750-09-80

Sport section

Karate Shito-ryu Klub "Wolf", school №17

323 m. 10 Tishchenko Street, school № 17

(093) 834-14-58

Sport section

Real Madrid Foundation Social and Sports School

347 m. 10, Tyshchenko st., school №17

Sport section

Olympus Football Club

353 m. 10, Tyshchenko street, school № 17

(068) 988-60-35

Sport Club

FCC Association "Top" (Irpen)

376 m. Hrybojedova St, 15

(067) 723-55-86

Sport Club

ReForma + SPA

377 m. st. Griboyedov, 15, Irpin

(097) 614-04-31

Sport Club

Kachalka MIX

385 m. 50 В Turgenevskaya st

(098) 101-09-08

Sport Club

Sports club "Sparta" (Irpen)

513 m. Sadova St, 94

(093) 200-60-38

Sport section

Boxing School Oleg Kudinov

548 m. 64, Academician Zarifa Aliyeva st

(099) 496-69-25

Sport Club

FCC Association "Top" (Irpen)

549 m. Aliyeva Street, 64

(097) 254-34-14