Bohatyrska St, 2В

About the place

The main activity is the sports school sports training of children, adolescents, and to provide additional education, aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of Greco-Roman wrestling, and also provides the individual needs of creative self-organization of meaningful leisure time outside school hours. The main goal of the coaching staff is harmonious influence on the comprehensive development of abilities of children and youth, strengthening their health, tempering and training of the national teams of Kiev and Ukraine.

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Next to Obolonskaya sports school of Greco-Roman wrestling

Sport Club

Martial Arts Center "Harmony of free fight"

Bohatyrska St, 2В

(098) 550-28-82

Sport Club

Fitness studio «Body Slim» on Bogatyrskaya

Bohatyrska St, 2В

(093) 460-38-23

Sport section

CONFETTI sports and ballroom dance team

21 m. 2В Bohatyrska St

(099) 301-83-21

Sport section

Aikido Dojo Tova

123 m. Pivnichno-Syretsʹka St, 1/3-Б

(093) 638-32-25


Interschool stadium

158 m. Bohatyrska St, 2Б

(044) 419-66-69

Sport Club

CK "Obolon-Kvon" on Obolonskyi Ave

159 m. Bohatyrska St, 2b

(063) 345-01-10

Sport Club

Club of sports ball dance "Maximum" on Marshala Tymoshenko

230 m. Marshala Tymoshenko St, 11B

(067) 504-96-09


Grinchenko University Pool

268 m. 13Б, Marshala Timoshenka St

(073) 132-93-43

Sport Club

Fitness studio «Body Slim» on Timoshenko

279 m. Marshala Tymoshenka St, 13Б

(098) 951-32-99

Sport Club

Football club «FreshFootball» Obolon

279 m. Marshala Tymoshenka St, 13Б

(068) 870-64-84