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One of the most extreme and exciting sport is motocross. Motorcycling is associated with hard struggle and at high speeds and spectacular racing motorcycles have always attracted a huge number of fans and viewers.

Fans speed enthusiastically describe their feeling of wind in the shoulder and enjoyed tremendous freedom of movement when on both sides of the road trees turn into blurry shapes.

Back in 1899 in Vienna held its first race on motorcycles. Since the bike has gained popularity not only as a means of transportation but also as an attribute of exciting sporting events, first in Europe and then worldwide.

The program sports including motocross racing athletes Ukraine permeability to challenging trails, speed of movement on it, which is measured not only skill, but also the beauty of performing various shapes "aerobatics".

Motocross track passes over rough terrain with numerous sharp turns, low jumps, steep descents and ascents. This course requires riders excellent technical and physical training as well as high-volitional qualities.

Depending on the type of motocross (classic, supermotokrosu, arena-cross, freestyle, vintage or Motocross of wheelchairs), used motorcycles are differences in the following parameters: engine size, weight and dimensions of the motorcycle, the number of cylinders, course suspension, tires and location of the exhaust pipe .

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Next to Motoschool "FPS R.T."

Sport school

Kowabunga Crew Motorcycle School

102 m. 14В Metrological St

(067) 532-50-55

Sport school

The Riders Motorcycle School

310 m. Metrological 12a, Kiev

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595 m.

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Sport Club

Club mixed martial arts «BHG Fight Team» in the Theophany

706 m. Akademika Zabolotnoho St, 150А

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Sport Club

Grand Rhythmic. Teremky

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Sport school

Motoschool "105 garage" on Akademika Zabolotnoho

985 m. Akademika Zabolotnoho St, 13

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Sports Store

Equi service

985 m. 13 Academician Zabolotny St

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Sport school

Kyiv City Children and Youth Sports and Technical School of Automotive

985 m. Akademika Zabolotnoho St, 15А

(044) 526-49-99


Feofaniya Park

1,39 km. Akademika Lebedjeva St

(044) 526-20-71