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The International Kabbalah Academy (IAC) is a non-profit association whose main task is to disseminate fundamental knowledge about the system of the universe and the nature of man, contributing to a positive change in humanity and finding the optimal path for the development of civilization.

The organization is engaged in educational activities and scientific research of ancient and modern knowledge systems, revealing an integral, fundamental system of laws that affect what is happening in the world. The study of these laws will allow humanity to find a solution to the problems of the global civilization crisis.

The main toolkit of the association is to familiarize the widest audience with information about the structure of the universe, the role of man in it, the methodology of positive changes and other systemic knowledge that affect the state and development of mankind.

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On Saxon

Желаю Вам "Большого света - что б освещали путь другим"
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Юрий Сергеев

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