Lychakivska St, 171

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Morale karate does not exclude, but presupposes respect. Any genuinely polite to everyone and with everyone.

The key to defeating themselves and others - the absolute dedication.

Try to seize the initiative in any situation, using absurd or negligence game.

Do not let good prevail over you.

Fighting karate path begins with a thousand days studying the basics, extended day tens of thousands of mastery and knowledge of the eternal mysteries of karate.

Wisdom fighter karate provides a critical self-examination of decisions and actions.

The flames melted grueling workouts selfish desire for noble purposes.

Morale is better verified on a straight path.

The true essence detect your only experience long standoff fate.

True hearts will always find a decent reward.

In strong teachers grow strong students.

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Next to Lviv Regional Federation of Kyokushin karate on Lychakivska

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