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About the place

Pole dance:

Baby Pole (Children from 5 years to 9);
Pole dance (Junior from 10 to 13);
Pole fitness (from 13 years);
Exotic Pole dance (Groups over 18);
All trainings are conducted without restrictions on age and weight !!!!

In the hall there are 8 pylons with a height of 3.5 m, which fully comply with international standards (metal, diameter, etc.), and a rotating pylon is also installed.

Aerial Dance (Aerial Acrobatics on canvas and circus rings):

Cloths, rings for children (from 5 years).
Cloths, rings for adults (without restrictions on age and weight !!!!!!).

For this trend, the best equipment has been collected in the dance studio hall.
Cloths 8.5 meters long, withstand a load of up to 720 kg !!!

As well as a circus ring that fully complies with international standards (Metal, Diameter, crossbar, etc.).

Stretching (stretching for children and adults).

Fitness (Power, Acrobatic, Aerobic, Model and Ground Fitness).

Classical Choreography

Children's choreography (from 5 years old and from 10 years old).
Choreography for adults (from 15 years old) at the ballet machine!

Also at the school of dance is the school of Healthy Nutrition "Healthy Life". Clients of the School of Proper Nutrition shed from 6 to 20 kg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, each student of the LSD Lady's Dance Club dance studio will receive a power system for FREE !!!!!!!

In the studio of alternative dance LSD Lady's Dance Club There are trainers working for you who have a pedagogical, medical and psychological education! As well as Masters of Sports and Candidates for Masters of Sports in various areas!


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