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About the place

Space camp is a creative cultural group.

It unites proactive fish and fishers, cultural figures, social leverage, KPI graduates, Mohyla, Karpenko-Kary, cyclists, eco-activists, actors, musicians and just good people with questions in the head.

We consider art and creativity as a social practice that can combine people from different external worlds and create social interaction between them.
Our fundamental values: freedom, equality, difference, temporality, cognition.

The community arose from the annual outings with tents on the shore of the Kiev Sea gang of 400-500 people. In August 2018, the seventh astronaut gathering took place on June 27-30, 2019, and the Camp Light Side,

The camp of the cosmos is a self-organized experiment, a world with its own laws and its own morality, which exaggerates everyone in itself, makes people closer and simulates reality as we would see it if they could organize the tusu for 7 billion people.

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Volleyball tournament

Badminton Tournament