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The Butenko Stable Country Club was solemnly opened on May 17, 2008.
The complex meets the highest international standards.
Since the opening, the Club has been managed only by the best specialists in equestrian business, namely:
- Philip Gerda - head coach of “Butenka O. Stable” (2007-2009)
- Waldemar Zhukauskas - the main takeer, the leading rider “O. Butenka Stable” (2007-2009)
- Hines Soltau - head coach of O. Butenka Stable (2009-2011)
- Friedhelm Königsfeld - curator-trainer “O. Butenka Stable” (2011-2012)
- Philippe Kerry - curator-trainer for show jumping “O. Butenka Stable” (2012 - today)
- Daniel Dassler - curator-trainer for show jumping “O. Butenka Stable” (2014 - today)
- Julia Ivanova - head coach of the “Butenka O. Stable” (2012 - today)
Since 2008, “Butenko Stable” has held a series of show jumping and dressage tournaments, including international ones, including: “Niko Cup”, “Lexus Cup”, Georgian Ambassador Cup in jumping, “Georgian Cup”, “Top 10 Ukraine”, “Cup of the President of the Equestrian Federation of Ukraine on show jumping and dressage”, “Moon Cup Butenko stable” and many others. Since 2009, the Club managed to establish itself as the initiator and organizer of a series of children's tournaments “Butenko stable Christmas Cup” and annually holds 3-4 tournaments for children aged 4-13 years.
Each event is attended by from 800 to 1000 guests and members of the Club. Events are consecrated by leading Ukrainian television companies and European channels, as well as the media.
Today, “Butenko Stable” is not just a riding club. This is a professional children's riding school, the direction is jumping.
Club Owner
Aleksey Butenko - owner of the Butenko Stable country horse riding club, Ukrainian businessman, head of the board of directors of EIG Engineering, coordinator of the alternative energy analytical center,
Since the beginning of 2010, EIG Engineering has been investing and managing the construction of a network of alternative fuel power plants. Born on March 7, 1970 in the village of Helmyaziv, Zolotonoshsky district, Cherkasy region. He graduated from the Department of History of Kiev National University. Taras Shevchenko. He began his business career in 1990, having founded the real estate company Raster. 1993 - created the Remax Group Holding, which included: a construction company, a network of construction stores and the first metal profile factory in Ukraine. 2002 - became the CEO and co-owner of the development company "Housing of the XXI century." The company is known for the first IPO in the history of Ukraine, the amount of attracted investments was 139 million. 2006 - founded the investment company EIG Engineering. In the pre-crisis period, the company actively invested in the development business, owning land assets, owned a number of construction complex companies. Timely restructuring of the development project portfolio allowed the company to enter new markets. Since 2008 - the owner of one of the most prestigious riding clubs in Europe “Konyushnya Butenko” (village of Protsev, Kiev region). Since the beginning of 2010, “EIG Engineering” launched the project in energy field. More than $ 20 million has been invested in the construction of a network of alternative fuel power plants. 2005 - according to the Ukrainian rating agency, Aleksey Butenko was recognized as the most successful top manager of the Ukrainian economy. 2011 - according to the Focus magazine, Aleksey Butenko took 120th place in the list of 200 richest people in Ukraine. 2012 - according to the Focus magazine Alexey Butenko takes 113th place in the list of 200 richest people in Ukraine. He was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir II degree. Married, four children.

Review Organizer reviews 12

Evgeniya Yakusha

Получила в подарок от друзей посещение конюшни. Остановила свой выбор на этой конюшне и не прогадала. Приветливый персонал, большое количество лошадей, расположение в лесу, в очень красивом месте. Непринужденная атмосфера, все на высшем уровне. Большое количество дополнительных развлечений помимо лошадей. Прекрасное место, которое оставило только положительные эмоции.
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Таня Чайка

Очень хороший загородный комплекс для семейного и романтичного времяприпровождения посреди соснового леса с конюшней, открытыми и закрытыми марежами для тренировок, свежий воздух, ухоженная территория, уютные тёплые номера... Хороший, но достаточно дорогой ресторан. Отличный внимательный персонал
Information taken from

Alexander Vaskin

Шикарное место ...Столица Украинского конкура..."Процив" и окрестности вызывают восторг и удобство в проживании и проведении досуга...
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Наталя Стасюк

Це конюшня,як в кіно.
Information taken from

Diana Kharynovyh-Yavorska

Обожнюю коней!!! Обожнюю це місце!!! Затишок, релакс, чудові краєвиди, привітний персонал, не вимушена атмосфера, смачна кухня! Рекомендую
Information taken from

Serhiy Ponomarets

Місце надзвичайно красиве, але дуже дороге.
Information taken from

Olha Kodii

Красиво, тихо и хочется ещё)) вход свободный. Можно погладить лошадей. А в лесу есть альтанки и тарзанка.
Information taken from

Valentin Cherdakli

Magnificently relaxing place.
Information taken from

Val Redchenko

A great place for a horse-loving tree-hugging hippie or just about anyone looking to spend some time in the shade of nearby woods. Decent food and bar upstairs
Information taken from

Инга Лирчук

Чарівне місце під Борисполем. Красива територія та манежі : критий та вуличний. Затишний та вишуканий ресторан із ввічливим персоналом які прислухаються до ваших побажань. За 100 грн. проведуть проведуть подивитись на коней та погодувати яблучками дадуть, про породи коней не питайте - таких знань тут немає. Вчать верхової їзди з 3-х років.
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Oksana Koshel

I am not a rider myself, visited the place for an event and enjoyed the setup very much. Hotel and restaurant are available for visitors, and of course the horses are beautiful
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Igor Mendzebrovski

This place stands out: staff will do their best to give you fine dining experience. And you can visit stables and see horses being taken out for a ride or being taken care off by owners and personnel - not as a show, but rather as a real life routine. Anyway, going "behind the scene" to race horses' back stage was an experience to me. The place offers some hotel rooms and conference facilities - which I didn't really tried, just think out is worth mentioning that they do conferences too.
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