Batumska St, 20A

About the place

Dnepropetrovsk club TAEKVON-DO ITF "Sail" was established in 1996 under the name "kvonbop" Yuri Golovin (1971 r.n .. Black belt, 3 dan, ITF TKD).

Yuri Golovin practicing 18 years, engaged in coaching for 13 years, the club TAEKVON Kharkiv pet-DO ITF "Sombre" (head coach Vladimir Dubcova black belt 6 Dan).

Over the years the club brought up a large number of students, many of whom were winners of Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine champions and winners, Championship of Europe and the World.

Students of our club regularly participate in competitions TAEKVON, to varying degrees, as well as competition from other martial arts.

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