Obolonskiy, 9a Kiev

About the place

This is a club that combines the arts of developing body, spirit and consciousness. Based on the ancients
Eastern traditions, He has been transferring his knowledge from teacher to student for over 20 years. The name "U
sin ”in translation from Chinese - five elements, five transformations.

By training in the club, the student goes through the path of transformation, tempering his body, spirit and mind. Club
instills in the student all the best qualities, helping to achieve harmony with oneself and the world around him.
In addition to the main combat areas, the club also studies: medicine, Chinese, Chinese
painting and much more.

Creative evenings, tea conversations, meetings dilute the serious training routine and unite
club in a single family! The club has groups for both children and adults.
Individual lessons are also possible.

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Next to Martial arts club "Wu SIN"

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