Kostyantyna Zaslonova St, 18

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The first in Ukraine "sambo club of brothers Pityk" officially existed since 2003. Founders Club: Since 2000 Trainer teaching staff of our club conducts extensive educational and promotional activities among children and youth, involving them in the training process based on sambo (combat sambo). Conducted meetings, seminars, educational and training camps - which combine physical education classes in public a modern democratic state, occupying the conscious and active public position. The club is one of the co-organizers of competitions and tournaments, championships Ukraine, cups Ukraine, championships m. Kyiv from 2003 to 2010. Among the graduates of the club: multiple World Championship, 10 champions Ukraine, the champion of the international tournament for the prizes of the State Duma of the Russian Federation General A. Aslahanova winners cup Ukraine 2003-2010 years, and so on. d.

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