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Location of training: Kiev school number 121. Our arguments for playing Horting - women and children self-defense: Security in class, learn how to protect themselves in different situations: when you hooligans attack for robbery or attempted rape, based on where it occurs in a confined space or in the street, what if several opponents, etc. In the training process is to study not only the techniques of self-defense, but the psychological preparation. Many crimes are committed that in the first minutes of the attack rozhublyuyetsya woman, falls into panic, not confident in their own abilities, and often just can not hit the other person. All of these aspects, we must pay attention to the training and at the same time try that would zaymayuchyhsya was adequate assessment of their own forces, there were no illusions of invincibility. Considering all these aspects, we are trying to construct classes so that par would learn techniques of self-defense, to develop not only as power, coordination, agility, but also the ability to make an optimal solution for every situation, believing in themselves. Health and psychological holiday discharging arts classes will give you energy, improve health, help replenish domestic reserves and restore vitality, thus you will maintain a high vitality. Changing the environment and the ability to reset psychological fatigue accumulated aggression day, classes will self integral part of your life. Possibility of training together for the whole family or for a woman and child, bring stability and confidence for the safety of your family and make them just one element of recreation, shared pastime. A qualified instructor who has higher physical and pedagogical education, experience and training sessions for individual programs martial arts, build learning considering your overall physical training level, age, with the exception of the possibility of injury and damage to your health in the classroom. Engage are all - both adults and children. Come, we are waiting for you!

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