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Taekwondo is one of the most popular Korean martial arts. The most common worldwide is a sports version of the system - Taekwondo WTF, although there is a battle of its kind.

In Western Europe and North America usually use the term "Taekwondo", but more correct transcription Ukrainian considered "taekwondo". Korean tae - meaning "foot"; kwon - means "fist"; do - means "way". Thus, taekwondo translates as "the way of foot and fist" or "the art of kicking and fist."

The most popular style in the world of martial arts - Taekwondo WTF Sport, which is the main center of Kukkiwon, which is located in Seoul (Korea). WTF Taekwondo is a traditional sport in the Olympic Games program.

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Next to KDYSS «Artem» on Lesia Kurbasa

Sport school
Sport school

Aikido School 'Aykidoshka "on Kurbas 15a

257 m. Lesya Kurbasa Ave, 15А

(095) 792-76-88

Sport Club

Sports club "Profit" on Kurbasa

263 m. Lesia Kurbasa Ave, 15A

(068) 360-63-62

Sports complex

Center for comprehensive development "Artlorn" on Teremkakh

335 m. Kiltseva doroha, 3-A

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Sport Club

KDYSS «Artem» on Tuluzy

401 m. Tuluzy St, 6

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Sport Club

Dance studio «Luna» at Toulouse

419 m. Tuluzy St, 6

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Sport school

Aikido School 'Aykidoshka "on Kurbas 12g

545 m. Lesya Kurbasa Ave, 12Г

(095) 792-76-88

Sport Club


546 m. 2G Lesya Kurbas Ave

(063) 301-11-19

Sport Club

Gym "Gym Beam"

547 m. 12g Kurbasa Ave., Kiev

(073) 033-00-80

Sport Club

Dance studio «Luna» on the Litvinenko-Wohlgemuth

630 m. Lytvynenko-Vol'hemut St, 2

(066) 147-61-03