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The only studio with a full set of Pilates equipment (including studio, Cadillac, Barrel, reformerah / Tower, Wanda chair, spine correctors, etc.).

Our expertise is built on decades of development, practice and achievements of the company in different directions Fitness4you fitness industry.

Our experts - the world star guru in your field and are known both in our country and abroad individual.

They confirmed the presence qualification diplomas of international standard, titles winners of world and European championships, their schools and followers.

They are happy to share with you their knowledge and achievements.

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Next to International Pilates University Fitness4you on Mykolaychuk

Sport Club

Sports and dance club "Berezil"

144 m. Ivana Mykolaichuka St, 7

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Rapid Ball Children's and Youth Sports School

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Complex children's and youth sports school "Young Dynamo"

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Children's and youth sports school №10

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Ballroom dance club "Reverans"

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Grupo Capoeira «Senzala» on Tychyny

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