About the place

Sports School Victory School more than 10 years of coaching children and adults. Many of our trainers are winners and champions of Ukrainian and international competitions. Over the years we have developed their own training methods that are based on international best practices.

The basis of learning is the availability and sustainability (from simple to complex). Also in the training process we use Gopro cameras, which allow you to work on the bugs all 180 '.

Want to become part of our friendly team? We welcome you to exercise!

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Next to Ski school "Victory"

Sports complex

Fitness club «Sport Life» Protasov Yar

185 m. Mykoly Hrinchenka St, 2/1

(050) 465-88-82

Sport Club

Sport Life (Protasov Yar)

212 m. st. M. Grinchenko, 2/1, Kyiv, Protasov Business Park BC

(044) 585-64-66

Sport Club

Sports club "Fizmat"

214 m. 2/1 Mykola Grinchenko St, Kyiv

(067) 530-97-57

Sports yard

Ski complex "Protasiv Yar"

315 m. Protasiv Yar St, 23А

(044) 338-26-82

Sport school

Ski School "Chestnut"

316 m. Protasiv Yar St, 23А

(063) 677-59-07

Sport school


326 m. 23-A, Protasov Yar st., Kyiv

(067) 405-99-45

Sport school

Ski School "Reindeer"

328 m. Protasov Yar St, 23A

(044) 529-69-74

Sport school

Ski School "Anton Ski School"

328 m. Protasov Yar St, 23A

(066) 344-03-53

Sport Club

Fitness Club "Alpiiskyi"

395 m. Protasiv Yar St, 8

(044) 528-80-02

Sport Club

Alpine fitness club

408 m. 8 Protasov Yar st

(044) 528-80-02