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The "Zorya" Stadium was built in 1973 and is part of the sports complex of the same name, which belongs to the State Enterprise NKVC "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" (state enterprise for the production of gas turbine equipment). Historically, the football team of the company acts at the Nicholas Stadium "Zorya".

The stadium includes a football field, one side of a wooden podium in five rows of fields and benches on the other side.

In this field, Torpedo held their home matches in the championship of the city and region until 2014, when the club was disbanded.

The first stage of the reconstruction of the stadium began at the end of 2010. However, during 2 years of work did not move. At the end of 2012 at the State Enterprise "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" again started building a field with artificial surface for big football. Have created a professional sports object in the sports complex "Zorya". This field was only the second such field in the city of Nikolaev. The size of the new field supports the standard for matches of teams of the second league - it is 92x67 meters. But his main purpose is the training base for the club and Torpedo football school. SDYUSSHOR "Torpedo" on an artificial field holds matches at DUFFLU. Here is holding his home matches in the championship of Ukraine women's football club "Torpedodochka".
There was information that completely reconstructs and a stadium with a natural lawn, so that "Torpedo" here carried out their home matches in the amateur championship of Ukraine, but further conversations did not work.

Now in the stadium there are always matches for the city championship and various children's competitions.

The sports complex Zorya-Mashproekt includes a stadium with a natural lawn, a football field with artificial cover, two mini-football fields, a swimming pool and a futsal hall.

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Алла Ведрова

Прекрасное место для отдыха и тренировок. Расслабиться и набраться сил и энергии.
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Игорь Фадеев

Все отлично, ночью хоть и страшно выходить на пробежку, но регулярное патрулирование полицией спасает!
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Garry Swen

Хорошее место для занятий спортом на свежем воздухе
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Оксана Петрова

Обычный стадион советских времен. Видно что стараются придать ему красивый вид - починили и покрасили лавочки, что радует. Но само покрытие стадиона желает лучшего. Часть беговых дорожек полуразрушена корнями деревьев, трава в центре с проплешинами.
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Ludmila Popova

Зручне розташування
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