Henerala Vitruka St, 10A

About the place

FC "Star" - a new football club. The history of it started in Kyiv in 2000. It has been only a year after its founding, and he became a full member of the Federation of Football of Kyiv.

At the dawn of its history, the club was the only one, but later there was a need for a FC "Star 2". Both teams participating in the championship of Ukraine among the teams first and second leagues. As part of the club trained for eight teams (7 youth and 1 adult).

FC "Star" in its short history managed to take part in various tournaments in Germany, Sweden and many other countries. Currently the club is visited by about 500 children.

The base of the club is the sports complex "Temp", where everything for polnotsnnoho of rebnka in football.

We invite everyone to join the world's No. 1 sport in the world with us!

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