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The charity equestrian club Free Riding Club is a non-profit project created with the aim of:

To help people, regardless of their position in society, views and beliefs, overcome self-doubt, find friends, get acquainted with professions related to equestrian sports, and start a career in horse care or sports.
Help horses in distress survive and find worthy owners.
The club has 2 categories of members:

Commercial group - members of the group without age restrictions who pay for the selected training package;

Charitable group - children and adolescents from 8 to 16 years old who are engaged in a free training program appointed by the trainer taking into account physical data and abilities.

Due to the proceeds from the commercial group, we redeem horses in need (carnage or the threat of carnage, starvation due to bankruptcy of the owners) and form charity subscriptions (25% of training at the Club is free of charge).

Training programs for the commercial and charitable groups are exactly the same. A charity group competes at the expense of the Club.

Children for charitable subscription pass competitive selection, that is, to fill one free seat, we invite up to 15 children to a trial lesson. Trial classes are also free.

You can join the initiative right now: come to training or just help.

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Лучшее место для малышей чтобы покататься на лошади
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Kate Kate

Хороший клуб, хорошие тренера, и цена, как для Киева, очень приемлимая
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Yuriy Lytvyn

nice place
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Oxana Fedorchuk

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