Stepana Rudanskoho St, 3A

About the place

In today's world, living in a great city, and everyday stress endless bustle, we sometimes do not have enough free time for yourself. Dreaming of the perfect figure, we zachytuyemos women's magazines, rozmoryuyemo numerous diets on the advice of friends and occasionally ball yourself visiting fitness clubs. Residents of the neighborhood Crude keep yourself in good shape sports it is easier than ever. After all, this is no longer necessary to nowhere leave. With Fitroom fitness is getting closer - just three steps You. Located almost in the park, away from the busy highways, our fitness studio takes care of your health, physical and moral form. It is no secret that exercise relieves nervous stress and elevate mood better than any pharmaceutical antidepressant.

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Next to Fitness studio "FitRoom"

Sport Club

Real Combat School "Combat Ju-Jutsu"

469 m. Киев, ул. Парково-сырецкая 4-В

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Dance Club "Accent" near the metro station "Beresteis'ka"

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Sports club "SAT"

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School of Real Combat "Combat Ju-Jutsu"

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Branch Football KDYUSSH "Champion"

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Dyufsh "Dynamo" Im. Valeriya Lobanovsʹkoho

839 m. Saliutna St, 35, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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