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Fitness club "Falcon" will help you to stay in shape. For experts have picked different center training programs and complex procedures to maintain vitality and good mood.

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Sports pool in the water park "Jungle"

206 m. 19V, Kyrgyz St

(057) 713-89-73

Sport Club

Karate club "PHENIX"

632 m. 21V, Heroes of Stalingrad St

(050) 210-03-24

Sports federation

Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Heroiv Stalinhrada

657 m. Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, 21-b

(050) 368-38-15

Sport school

School of the Taoist practices "Sanfeng Tao" in Odessa

1,00 km. Kostycheva St, 29

(050) 709-60-29

Sport Club

Sports club «MMA Center» in Odessa

1,22 km. Haharina Ave, 181

(063) 342-17-60

Sport Club

Ballet studio "Snowdrop"

1,22 km. Haharina Ave, 181

(050) 566-11-81

Sport Club

Karate club «Okinawa»

1,22 km. Haharina Ave, 181

(093) 025-06-31

Sport Club

Women's fitness club "FitCurves"

1,34 km. Haharina Ave, 181

(093) 358-10-90

Sport Club

I Dance Studio

1,34 km. Haharina Ave, 181

(066) 015-60-66

Sport Club