Akademika Andriya Sakharova St, 45

About the place

MALIBU  is not just a standard fitness club. "MALIBU" is friendship, reliable partnership, personal development, family values and of course, the MAXIMUM set of sports services! We change people's lives for the better, making our own business and just sport accessible to everyone.

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Next to Fitness club «Malibu» Sakharova

Sport Club

Kyokushinkai Karate Sports Club "Kanku" by Sakharovа

103 m. Sakharova St, 80

(093) 036-53-56

Sport Club

Спортивний клуб "Висота"

123 m. Stryiska St, 80/2

(067) 273-42-53

Sport Club


418 m. Boikivska Street, 5

(098) 373-80-90

Sports federation

Club Boyovih mytstv «Tora-Kai»

504 m. Akademika Lazarenka St, 42

(067) 455-95-24

Climbing wall

Children of Lazarenko, a rock-climbing simulator

576 m. Akademika Lazarenka Street, 40

(067) 786-61-24

Sports complex

Insurance complex Lviv Polytechnic

735 m. Ulasa Samchuka Street, 14

(032) 276-43-82

Sports federation

Lviv Regional Federation of Kyokushin karate on Vlas Samchukа

738 m. Ulasa Samchuka St, 14

(098) 001-55-25

Sport Club

Club traditional martial arts "Galicia"

743 m. Knyahyni Ol'hy St, 3А

(067) 798-93-48

Sport school

Lviv School of Physical Culture

765 m. Kniahyni Olhy St,1

(032) 238-27-92

Sport Club

Studio "Smart Yoga"

790 m. Akademika Andriya Sakharova St, 6

(096) 990-07-70

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