Obolonskyi Ave, 9Б

About the place

The Federation was created in Ukraine by students of Sensei Hiromichi Nagano in 2010, with the aim of developing and sharing the experience of Master Nagano personally, and through his students practicing Aikido.

“Aikido Yoshinkan” is the style of Aikido Gozo Shioda, “Nagano Ryu” is the school of Master Nagano.

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Next to Branch "Yoshinkan Aikido Ukraine" Federation of Obolon

Sport school

Roller-school "Start"

0 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 1Б

(096) 132-10-85

Sport Club

LuckyPuch Fight Academy

0 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 1Б

(093) 340-46-50

Sport Club

Sports club "Bakinets"

0 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 1Б

(066) 207-37-41


Dream Town Ice rink

128 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 1Б

(067) 324-58-77

Sport Club

Lasertag Dream Town 1

132 m. 1В Obolonsky Ave

(068) 801-88-01

Sport Club

Apollo Next 019 Dream Town

150 m. Dream Town 1, 1В Obolonsky Ave

Sport section

Aikido in Obolon

150 m. 1В Obolonsky Ave, Dream Town

(099) 468-76-07

Sport Club

Studio «Yoga Mix»

150 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 1Б

(099) 468-76-07

Sport section

Kombat Aikido Dream Town 1

150 m. 1В Obolonsky Ave

(095) 613-93-78

Sport Club

Curling in the shopping center "Dream Town"

150 m. Prospect Obolonskiy 1-b, Kiev