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Taekwon-do - a kind of Korean martial art that knows no equal in power and efficiency technology. Elements of art - discipline, technique and spirit. Simply put, Taekwon-do - is one of the arts of self-defense that allows a result of intense physical and spiritual training extremely expand the range of individual abilities.

Korean "Tae" means "fulfillment flying kick or flight", "Kwon" - breaking hand "to" - "the way of truth, beaten in the past, covered with holiness and wisdom." Combining all together, we find that the word "Taekwon-Do" refers to a system of spiritual training, self-defense techniques without weapons, performed with bare hands and feet to destroy one or more opponents.

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Next to Federation Taekwon-Do ITF Ukraine in Mariupol


Football stadium "Titan"

1,37 km. Bjelyakova St, 29


Pool "Water Aerobics"

1,70 km. 1. Levchenko St


Stadium named after Volodymyr Boyko

2,78 km. Karpova Ave, 2

(062) 941-37-97


Swimming pool neptune

3,27 km. Akademika Amosova St, 2А

(062) 938-31-10

Sport Club

Sports club "Stimulus"

3,55 km. Sjechenova St, 63А

(096) 299-09-90

Sport Club

Fitness club "Athlete" on Karpinsky

3,93 km. Karpins'koho St, 80

(096) 317-57-75

Sport section

Rowing base of children's and youth sports school "Athletic"

5,04 km. Naberezhna St, 8

(097) 226-62-03

Sport Club

football school «Little Champion»

5,45 km. Kal'mius'ka St, 56

(068) 484-69-49

Sport Club

Tennis Club "Smash"

5,94 km. Peremohy Ave, 17

(062) 958-20-02

Sport Club

Fitness club Fizkult

6,33 km. Metalurhiv Ave, 77

(097) 281-99-91

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