Smolenska St, 1

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Taekwondo - a type of Korean martial art, which was established April 11, 1955 South Korean Army Gen. Choi Hong Hee.

Hallmark Taekwondo is a highly sophisticated and powerful technology kicks.

Higher skill - demonstration of several strokes in one jump in different directions.

No other kind of martial arts even close to approaching the variety of Taekwondo kicks jump.

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Next to Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Smolenska

Sport Club

Sports and dance club "Harmony" on Smolensk

Smolenska St, 1

(056) 776-73-76

Sport school

Club «Skorik dojo»

645 m. Sofiyi Kovalevsʹkoyi St, 6

(099) 707-56-27

Sports federation

Dnieper branch of the Shorinji Kempo Federation Ukrainian

675 m. Ararats'ka St, 13/2

(067) 709-09-16

Sport Club

Fitness club «F3»

833 m. Slobozhanskyi Avenue, 76А

(067) 533-32-55

Sport Club

Sports and entertainment complex "Orange"

908 m. Putylivs'ka St, 16

(095) 888-83-82

Sport Club

Football club "Futbolend" on Slobozhanskiy Avenue

936 m. Slobozhanskyi Avenue, 96А

(068) 351-78-25

Sport Club

Dance and Sports Club "Astra" on Putilovskaya

974 m. Putylivska St, 7

(097) 293-88-82

Sport Club

Fitness center «Ayax»

1,04 km. Batumska St, 11

(067) 566-91-87

Sport Club

"City Fitness" on Kosior

1,05 km. Batumska St, 11

(056) 781-66-07

Sport Club

All-Ukrainian sports club "Triumph" at the Batumi

1,15 km. Batumska St, 20А

(098) 886-71-80